From salty to sweet, tangy to spicy and everything in between, everyone has a unique favorite snack food, so Barrel O’ Fun has created something special for everyone.

Our Barrel O’ Fun brand includes a flavorful variety of potato, tortilla and corn chips; cheesy puffs, curls and balls; as well as plain and flavored popcorns and pretzels.

Rachel’s offers both light baked potato crisps in classic flavors and ultra-crispy gourmet kettle chips in unique flavors like jalapeno, parmesan and garlic and more. Check out our newest additions to the Rachel’s line, our Multi Grain Wavy Snacks and Multi Grain Puffed snacks!!

If you like french fries, you’ll love Jonny Rapp’s Baked Fries. No cholesterol, no trans fats and 35% less calories from fat. Try all our delicious flavors.

Whether you like it salty, buttery, sweet or cheesy, you’ll enjoy every fluffy kernel of Vic’s Gourmet Popcorn. Available in single-serve and full-size bags.

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