Barrel O’ Fun produces an extensive line of snack foods including traditional and kettle-cooked potato chips, 100% whole kernel corn tortilla and corn chips, cheese puffs and curls, gourmet popcorn and baked potato crisps. These products come in a variety of fun shapes and flavors and are shipped nationwide to retail stores, food service organizations and private label customers.

If you are looking for natural, 100% trans fat free, great tasting snack foods, you are now looking in the right place. Nestled in the heart of corn and potato country in Perham, Minnesota, where two of the 10,000 lakes are right out our door and some of the most beautiful golf courses exist, you find one of the best growing areas in the Midwest. We work with the growers in our backyard and across the nation to give you some of the best tasting snacks in the industry.

As a family-owned company that believes in the environment, their employees and offers a great tasting item that you want to serve to your family again and again; it is our goal to offer you the best in the Barrel O’ Fun Snack Foods brand and in many of our new and growing families of brands. Check out all our products and contact us any time for more information about your favorite Barrel O’ Fun snack foods.

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