From Our Family To Yours...
Made in U.S.A.

Barrel O’ Fun has numerous water saving technologies in place that have reduced our water consumption by approximately 30% over the last three years

All corrugated items that are not usedin production are bundled and recycled. All used plastic is recycled.

14% of the energy used from Barrel O' Fun is from a renewable source.

All used oil from Barrel O’ Fun Southwest is sold to a classic locomotive that runs from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon and is powered exclusively by used vegetable oil.

All production scrap products are sent to feed cattle.

We converted a portion of our paved area to grass and tree space

The BOF warehouse was re-lamped with energy saving light bulbs that reduced our energy consumption by half

Barrel O’ Fun purchases the corn for tortilla chips from a supplier that only uses traditional air drying methods instead of commercial drying that requires more energy

All used oil from Barrel O’ Fun is sold to a company that converts it to biodiesel. We use this biodiesel in our own route trucks and yard tractors

Barrel O' Fun has installed heat recovery systems that take excess heat from processing systems and use it to heat the office and warehouse space.

Barrel O’ Fun was recognized in 1996 with a Waste Reduction award from Ottertail County for our recycling efforts. We have been committed for over a decade to ensuring our city and employees live and work in a green community

Barrel O' Fun office and Barrel O' Fun Southwest plant and office are Green Globe Certified with Two Globes.