• Potato Chips

    Share the delicious taste of Barrel O’ Fun Potato Chips with the whole family. Made with fresh, quality ingredients, we have the crispy, satisfying crunch you’ve been craving. With six varieties to choose from, there’s fun in every flavor!

  • Tortilla Chips

    Bust out the dip and dive in with Barrel O’ Fun tortilla chips. Made with premium white and yellow corn, the delicious taste and crunchy texture of these chips is guaranteed to delight your taste buds.

  • Cheese Snacks

    Get ready to smile and say cheese. Whether it’s in a puff or curl, these Barrel O’ Fun snacks are lightweight with full flavor. Our Cheesey Balls, Puffs and Curls are each made with real cheddar cheese. All of these tasty treats will have you licking your fingertips and reaching for more!

  • Pops

    Keep the fun popping! Available in two delicious flavors, Barrel O’ Fun pop snacks have the light, fluffy crunch of traditional popcorn without the nuisance of kernels. Next time, ditch the microwavable bag and reach for the snack with more pop. 

  • Pretzels

    Break open a snack time favorite with a bag of Barrel O’ Fun pretzels. Baked to a perfect golden brown and gently tossed in coarse salt, these crispy, low-fat snacks are delicious in every shape and style.

  • Recipes
    Barrel O’ Fun snack foods are delicious straight from the bag, but you can also extend your snacking experience by using them as an ingredient! Get creative in your cooking with our delicious, easy-to-follow recipes.
  • Find a Store

    Barrel O’ Fun Snack Foods are available in select stores throughout the United States. Search for a location near you using the store locator map.